What to Expect - Timescales

A funeral can usually be booked and carried out within timescales to suit you.  However, if the death is unexpected, legal and medical procedures may be required and usually take a week or so to complete. This can be longer if the death was away from home and transportation is required to return the body home.  Remember that the time of year and weather can also be a factor affecting the timescales.  For example, around Christmas you may have to wait a 3 or more weeks before the funeral.


Premises that can cater for the after service wake will also have to be checked for their availability. If it is important to you to use this venue, then this may also affect timescales.

Book a time and date at the church/crematorium as soon as you can – you will find it a huge relief when you have a confirmed date to work towards.


Service Times

Crematoriums vary, but a time period will be about 45minutes from entry to exit of the building. This allows only 30 minutes to the service.

It is possible to book a double time period. This allows a more unrushed feel to the service. Speakers are given longer and the service can include music and favourite pieces of poetry.


See my FAQs for what to expect during the meeting with the funeral celebrant, types of service etc.