What to Expect - Appointing a Funeral Director

It will be difficult to get motivated and to think about a funeral but is important to appoint a funeral director as soon as you are able.


In most circumstances you will already have spoken to a funeral director before visiting my site.  However, if you still have not appointed a funeral director speak with friends and family and ask for recommendations. I can also make recommendations in some areas.


It is your funeral director’s job to make your life easier and to help you with the many practical decisions and formalities that you will have to consider.


Once you have appointed a funeral director you should get in touch with a celebrant, such as myself, who will then be able to help you with the detailed arrangements of the funeral.


At all stages in the process I remain in regular contact with your funeral director. It is essential that we work together as any requirements or requests will be produced in co-ordination with your funeral director.