Frequently Asked Questions

How long will our first meeting take?

Our meeting will take about 2 hours. But as each person is individual, this is only a guide. My hope is to provide the best for you that I am able and I will commit the time that makes this possible. Together we will begin to draw together your memories. If necessary I can gently prompt and make suggestions if you are struggling. When things are really difficult I can take details of other contacts who might be able to help. At the end of our time together I will have enough information to allow me to write a fitting memory of your loved one. There may be many other decisions for you to make regarding the rest of the funeral arrangements. By the end of our time together I will have enough information to take away with me, to write a fitting and personal memory.


What do you do with the information?

With the stories and contributions from our meeting I will compose an individual tribute. This takes careful thought and reflection, but results in an individual tribute which was completely driven by you. The first draft will be emailed to the lead family member to check for any inaccuracies. When any changes have been made and the tribute is all agreed, I continue to work on the script; I take pride in ensuring that I am fully prepared to deliver the tribute to a high standard. I also prepare a family copy of the full service in a presentation format. This will include all poems, prayers and readings as well as the agreed tribute. I hope this will provide a good memory of the service and provide comfort in the following weeks.


I want to say something

Some clients like me to write and deliver the whole service. Others will wish to participate and deliver their own words. Whichever you decide, I will be there to ensure that everything runs smoothly and to stand in when necessary. There is a time limit at crematoriums and I can assist to ensure that timings are adhered to but without making anyone feel rushed.


I want to speak, but I'm not sure that I can

I will be there to assist you every step of the way. If you decide at the last moment that you are unable to speak, I will have a copy of your words and will carry on reading for you at any point. We will have discussed any concerns in full and I will only step in when you decide not to continue. I won't step in until you are sure you cannot continue. Pre-recording of personal tributes is possible if you feel unsure of your ability to speak on the day and this is something we can discuss at our meeting.


Can we use our own music?

Randalls Park, Leatherhead use the Wesley music system. Any personal recordings can be loaded onto the system providing delivery to Wesley is made in good time. At Woking crematorium, personal recordings must be on CD, but can also be played. They also provide an organist. Any request can be considered. Other crematoriums have similar systems.


Live music

Live music is a wonderful, moving genre, but remember there are time constraints at a crematorium. If live music is important to you, then take time to consider a double booking.